Monday, January 4, 2010

Being Programmed by Aliens

Over the years flesh/meat, strictures, skvmb, we all lose our work somewhere along the way. Many times gear ends up missing, tracks deleted, hundreds of hours of tapes lost. I recently noticed that one of the "best" skvmb tracks was missing. Luckily, I later found it floating around on the internet with a couple other lost tracks. I present them to you here.

The first is a composition for four guitars, maybe more I can't quite remember. I could teach you how to play it if you wanted, I guess.

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This second song is a test of what can be done with loops and loops alone. Don't really think of it as a song, but more of an exercise.

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IF any of you enjoy hard to read material then I have something for you.

Here is a short "story" that I wrote a couple years back when the aliens were bombarding me with mental attacks. This is the documentation of what happened that night. The music provided above will set a good ambient reading atmosphere conductive to this particular book.

Here is a direct link to the PDF file. aliens.pdf

don't click this link...

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