Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am creating anitpixels for xoskeleton, strictures, and skvmb. You know, the little buttons like the one above. Many different sites are using these to use as visual links to various pages. If you like the ones they are using hit me up and I may be able to make one for you too.

Here is a video for you to chew on. . .

The vocals in this song were created by a text to speech program. The thing is, I did not have a keyboard to type the lyrics with. I had to copy and paste the letters into words. Eventuall I just copied some ideas that Dan had written down. I recommend turning the bass up on this one.


  1. Feel free to use the xoskeleton antipixel on your site. Just remember to have it link back to

  2. I need a badge for my Facebook profile..+ unfortunately my friend, i feel as though starting a x.o.skeleton fb profile will help the projekt to network and attract more visitors..this is just a sad fact.

  3. I can see how an x.o.skeleton fb profile would be a good thing. I am not opposed to that. I am just pretty busy right now. The site and the xoskeleton wiki and this have my hands pretty tied up right now.


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