Monday, December 7, 2009

Recently signed. . .

Skvmb has been recently [December 05, 2009] signed to the record label X.O.Skeleton Mvzak. This is skvmb's second release.

The first band that was ever put out by X.O.Skeleton Mvzak was a disko-death-noize-death band known across the world as Flesh/Meat. Jenny.O.Suicide of skvmb is adamant that he has witnessed the mysterious disappearance of the Flesh/Meat members. He claims to have seen them willingly hand their drum machine to aliens who allowed them to enter the giant triangle shaped flying ship. Whether you believe him or not is not of importance.

If you are interested in the label or any of the bands mentioned, be sure to check out their websites through the links provided above.

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  1. Congratulations! We are glad to have you with us and like the looks of this site. As for now, GET BACK TO WORK!!!


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