Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of '09

2009 wasn't so bad. A lot of things got done, but there could have been more. More music could have been made, but school and pregnant women take time and concentration. It seems like this year just started. . .

As for 2010, the future is blinding. Expect more from the xoskeleton crew. Strictures and skvmb are hard at work. It is rumored that "syphon angel" is going to be the newest to the xoskeleton crew. This is still just a rumor so don't get anybodies hopes up.

2010 is going to be a very productive year. . .as long as everybody stays away from dat "jenkem" aka "butt hash"

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a boy

Due early may. . .

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am creating anitpixels for xoskeleton, strictures, and skvmb. You know, the little buttons like the one above. Many different sites are using these to use as visual links to various pages. If you like the ones they are using hit me up and I may be able to make one for you too.

Here is a video for you to chew on. . .

The vocals in this song were created by a text to speech program. The thing is, I did not have a keyboard to type the lyrics with. I had to copy and paste the letters into words. Eventuall I just copied some ideas that Dan had written down. I recommend turning the bass up on this one.



The site is finally up. I am having problems with the uploading of music and player handling, but everything is off to a good start. I am excited about being able to help moderate and choose bands for this embryonic label. We have big plans and this will prove to be one hell of a ride, if we don't go up and be homeless.

Go check it out right now!

Post comments here about whether you like the music or have any negative comments at all.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Recently signed. . .

Skvmb has been recently [December 05, 2009] signed to the record label X.O.Skeleton Mvzak. This is skvmb's second release.

The first band that was ever put out by X.O.Skeleton Mvzak was a disko-death-noize-death band known across the world as Flesh/Meat. Jenny.O.Suicide of skvmb is adamant that he has witnessed the mysterious disappearance of the Flesh/Meat members. He claims to have seen them willingly hand their drum machine to aliens who allowed them to enter the giant triangle shaped flying ship. Whether you believe him or not is not of importance.

If you are interested in the label or any of the bands mentioned, be sure to check out their websites through the links provided above.